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Charley's Journal

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

November 6, 2020

Hi, my name is Lugnut Charley Moore, but you can call me Charley. I’m a black Belgian Melinois. I’m told I’m pretty special. I didn’t feel very special the first part of my life. Apparently humans’ job in life is to take care of their fur babies. The first humans I got didn’t do a very good job. I don’t know if they were just too busy or didn’t know how to take care of me, but either way, I didn’t feel very loved. I spent a couple of months with them, and all of a sudden, they put me in the car. I thought I was going someplace special. I was sooooo excited to be going in the car! They drove for a long time. I saw trees and birds and houses and parks. I kept hoping they’d stop at a park because I wanted to run and play! All of a sudden, the car stopped! I looked around and there wasn’t a park. There weren’t any other dogs or cats. They were neighborhoods of nice houses and sidewalks and trees. They opened the door and told me to get out, so I did. They closed the door and drove away! I cried and cried for my people to come back and get me. What am I supposed to do here? I don’t know anybody. I don’t know where to get food or water. Oh no! It’s raining. I’m getting wet. Somebody please help me. I’m lost and don’t know where my humans went. Surely they’ll be back. Maybe they thought I got back in the car and when they realize I’m not there, they’ll come back. That’s it! They’ll be back.

I waited and waited but they never came back. I felt so lost and alone. I wanted somebody to love me and I wanted to love somebody and make them happy. I needed to find some humans.

I walked down the sidewalk and found a very nice cul-de-sac with lovely-looking homes. I knocked on a couple of doors but no one answered. They must have thought I was pretty pathetic-looking, standing out there in the rain, soaking wet, crying my eyes out.

Then I knocked on one door and it opened! A lady said hi to me and held me in her arms. She was so warm and nice, I just wanted to stay in her arms forever. She asked someone to get a towel to dry me off, and a man came to the door with a towel. They took me in, dried me off and said such nice things to me. They said I was the cutest thing they’d ever seen. They looked for my name and phone number but I didn’t have one. They took pictures of me and I tried to look as cute as possible. They were talking about finding my humans. They said they would post pictures of me and try to find my humans. Deep down inside, I was hoping they wouldn’t find them and that they would decide to keep me. I put on my best puppy show to try to win them over. I rolled on the floor and made cute puppy noises. They giggled and watched me and took pictures. It was working, I could see it in their faces. They were falling for me. I just had to keep it up. Be cute, I said, be cute. Don’t do anything stupid like pee on the floor or poop on the bed. I can do this! They’re going to love me I just know it.

Well, I did the unthinkable. I peed on the floor. Oh no, they’re going to be so mad at me. They’re going to take me somewhere and drop me off. I blew it.

At least that’s what I thought. Okay, the lady was a bit upset, but she took me outside and told me to potty out there. Huh? No one told me that before. Okay, I can do this. No more slip-ups. I’m going to be good.

It was obvious these humans hadn’t had any fur babies for a long time. They didn’t have anything that we need. So they put a rope around my neck and put me in the car. Oh no! Where are they taking me? I knew I shouldn’t have pooped in their gym. I was confused and forgot about the outside potty thing. They’re going to leave me somewhere because I was naughty.

But they didn’t. They took me to lunch! I had never been to lunch before. I sat on the sidewalk and people all said how cute I was, asked how old I was and what’s my name. They decided my name would be Lugnut Charley. Lugnut Charley – I like that!

After lunch they took me to the pet store! Wow! You should have seen the stuff they had in there! Toys and bones and cookies and all the food you could ever want! They bought me a collar and a leash! Wow! I never had a collar or a leash before. I don’t even know what a leash is. Well, I soon learned that it helps me stay close to them. I guess they want to keep me safe!

We went back to their house and they made some flyers and posted them at all the mailboxes. Maybe they don’t want to keep me after all. I have to be good and cute and convince them they need me.

They went to another store and bought a crate. Looked more like a jail cell, but they called it a crate. They put a blanket it in and some treats and toys and told me that was my bed. Wow! My own bed! I always slept outside before. They’re really gonna let me sleep in the house? I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! I kept telling myself to be good, not tear up things, don’t poop in the house again. Well, the next day I blew it. I peed in their bedroom and they hauled my furry butt outside. Afterwards, they talked nice to me and told me to go potty outside. Okay, I can get this – potty outside – potty outside.

When it was time to go to bed, I went into my crate and laid down. I felt so safe and comfortable. I had the best night’s sleep in my life. I made sure not to make a sound so I wouldn’t wake them up. I so wanted them to like me and keep me!

The next morning I woke up and they were so happy to see me! They took me outside to go potty, which I did, and then they let me jump up on the bed with them! I’ve never snuggled with humans on the bed before! I made sure not to get too excited and pee in their bed. That would not have been good.

They got up and made me breakfast! The best kibble I’ve ever tasted! And they put it in my own brand-new bowl. Wow!

After breakfast, I messed up and pooped in their bedroom. I panicked! This is not good. Oh, I was so mad at myself. How could I have done that? I have to learn not to do that again. I will not poop in the house.

The great thing is that they didn’t rub my nose in it and spank me. They just rushed me outside and when I came back in, the poop was gone and they weren’t mad at me! I want to please these people so I’m gonna remember not to do that again.

The next day was fun. We played with toys and they rubbed my belly and behind my ears and smiled at me like they really liked me!

I guess I won them over because when we got in the car again, we went to all the mailboxes and took down the posters! I think they’re going to keep me! I heard them asking each other what they should do and I think they’ve decided to keep me!

Well, the third day I kind of blew it. I didn’t know how to behave in a house and I jumped on the mini-blinds and really messed them up. Tom was really upset. Then I had an accident in the bedroom and Karen was really upset. I don’t know what got into me, but I started taking shoes out of their shoe-room and chewing on them. That made them both upset. I hope they don’t take me to the jail I’ve heard about. Please don’t take me to the jail!

By the end of the third day, I guess I really blew it. They were asking themselves if they could handle a fur baby. But they didn’t kick me out or take me to the jail. I think they love me. No one has ever loved me before. The way they look at me and rub my ears and play with me and laugh when I do silly puppy things. I have to learn to behave. I think they’ll love me no matter what I do, but I want to please them because I love them too!

Next thing I know, they’re buying me toys and bones and Karen is making homemade food for me. I see what she feeds Tom and I eat better than he does!

They took me to the doctor for a checkup. I was really good and cute and everybody there loved me. The doctor said I was healthy. But if I’m so healthy, why did I have to go back to the doctor and have surgery? I don’t understand it. I was feeling great and next thing I knew, I woke up with my belly shaved, my arm shaved and staples in my belly! What did they do to me? I felt great and now I feel like I just want to sleep. Well, Tom and Karen explained to me that there are too many unwanted dogs in this world and to stop this problem, they do this surgery when you get to be about six months old so that I can’t have puppies. Okay, now it all makes sense. Doing my part to save the planet!

The next day I felt better. I didn’t have to wear a cone on my neck because I knew better than to lick my stitches. They told me to stay calm for ten days! Are you kidding me? I’ve got a life to live, things to do, butterflies to chase and balls to fetch! I’m not gonna waste a minute! Life’s too good!

Well, the day after my surgery, something awesome happened. Tom and Karen took me to the County animal shelter and bought me a license! Yes! They’re going to keep me! They filled out the form and listed themselves as my mom and dad! Oh happy day! My tail is wagging so fast I feel like I may take off like a helicopter! I have a home with people who love me and take care of me and make sure I’m happy with good food, clean water, a warm bed and lots of toys to play with. And most important of all, they love me!

Karen takes me on a walk every morning, and on Saturdays they take me to the dog park! Now, let me tell you – this dog park is something else! I can run free without a leash and play with other dogs! We wrestle and run and have the best time! Afterwards, they take me home and let me play in the water hose! I love Saturdays even more than the other days!

Mom and Dad (I can call them that now that they adopted me), they say they have to work to pay for my food and toys. I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing, but they call it work. I know when they’re working, I need to be a good girl and not bother them. They put a nice rug next to their desk that I lay on and sleep while they work. If I sit next to mom, she’ll rub my belly while she works! Usually they take breaks and play with me, and at the end of the day, we really play. I get to run in the back yard and play keep-away and fetch!

Even though my life started out a little rough, it’s really good now! I love my people and they love me. Life is good and I’m a happy, lucky dog!

I hear Mom tell the story of when she found me. She says, "I was at bunco one night and told my friend that if God meant for me to have a dog, one will show up at our front door. The next morning I heard crying and screaming and banging on the front door. I opened the door and there was this cute little four-month-old puppy who was soaking wet with no collar or chip. Apparently God meant for us to have a dog!" She calls me her angel fur-baby. But really, she's my angel.

Lugnut Carley

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