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A Penny and a Prayer -- In God We Trust!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I’m going to share with you a true story. My husband and I have been private investigators for several years. When we moved to Prescott, I was so burnt out on the private investigations business, I just couldn’t put my heart into it. So we took some time off to work on our property and the more time off I took, the less I could put my heart into it. So every night I prayed, asking God to tell me what to do.

Next thing I know, I’m making candles – and I’m loving it! After hundreds of failed attempts at making a perfect candle, the day came when an entire batch turned out perfectly! We had finally succeeded at mastering the right wax, the melting temps, the pouring temps, ambient room temp, humidity levels, the right amount of stirring, container sizes, wick sizes, no dyes or colors, proper cooling, labeling, etc. We had created the perfect candle!

Well, not quite. The jars we chose have a concave bottom. Try putting a flat sticker on a concave bottom. It doesn’t work. It gets all crinkled up. So I wracked my brain trying to come up with a cost-effective solution to the labeling problem.

So last night I prayed, and this morning I found the solution! A penny. I put a bright, shiny penny on the bottom of the jar, stuck the label on, and it’s perfect! It provides a smooth, flat surface and no more crinkling. And the beauty of this solution is that every jar candle has a lucky penny that says In God We Trust!

I love it when a problem is solved with just a penny and a prayer!

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