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Miracles Do Happen

Thank you Karen Simpson Moore for these special candles! The quality is always great but these candles were extra special to us. Tuffy was at the ER vet fighting for his life for about a week. We asked everyone to pray for him because we believe in the power of prayers and we know miracles happen every day. We were so scared we were going to lose Tuffy at only 9 years old of age. There were multiple times the veterinary staff asked us to visit him just in case, but the veterinary staff, prayers, and visits from us gave Tuffy the strength to live up to his name to be tough. We are so lucky he eventually came home to us. Tuffy is still recovering but he was discharged and came back home just in time for Christmas. Miracles do happen and we were lucky to get our Christmas miracle. We love the custom photo and phrase candles we requested and we love the custom citrus scent. We will definitely continue to order more in the future. Every time I light the candle I will be thankful for everyone's prayers, the hard work of all the wonderful veterinary staff, your kindness to make these special candles for us, and of course be reminded that hope is strong, like the flame of a candle that shows us light in even the darkest of times. Thank you, Joycelyn


Thank You so much for the Candles Karen ! Love the Smell, Denise


"Karen and Tom, I love my Happy Jack candles I received in the mail! They smell incredible, especially the Charley’s Brownie Delight. The bonus car air fresheners are a pleasant surprise. Everything arrived so beautifully, all nestled in their prefect packaging. You packed them with so much foresight, consideration and love. The personalized note on the sticker is a nice touch. Thank you both and Merry Christmas."  Gail


Got mine. They're awesome, Karen. I'll be ordering more.  Don


I burned one of your candles yesterday. I had it lit for about 2 hrs and it smelled wonderful! I went out in my backyard to do cleanup and my husband came out to help and left the slider open. I could smell my candle fragrance on my patio! We then went out for the day and when we got back about 6 hrs after putting the candle out, I could still smell its fragrance all over my house! I’m impressed!!! My Scentsy scents don’t even come close to lasting that long. Very happy with my purchases! Thank you!!!  Saundra


"I will probably be a repeat customer, it's honestly the best candle I have ever had. I always used Yankee Candle but could never smell them very well. I always thought it was just my sinuses being bad but I can smell your candle throughout my house. It's amazing!"


We are enjoying “Charley’s Christmas Candy” and our living room smells like Christmas! Your candles are wonderful!  Em


Hi Karen, my candle order arrived today! Packaging was incredible! All 3 candles arrived safely and in perfect condition. I haven't had a chance to burn any of them yet, however, they smell wonderful! Thank you so much for including proper burning instructions. I had no idea I'd been burning candles wrong all this time. No wonder in the past I ended up throwing them away before they were used up. Thank you so much!!!  Saundra